5 ways to keep your Jewelry from Tarnishing

All fashion jewelry are capable of tarnishing because when they come in contact with moisture, acids, oils and air, tarnishing is bound to happen. So how do you avoid it? Here are 5 tips for you to avoid this:

  • Make sure to store them in a closed box, jewelry tray, or a velvet pouch. This will protect them. 
  • Keep them dry. I know this is hard sometimes but a few useful tips here can help. For example, remove the jewelry before you wash your hands or take a shower.  If you wear perfume, make sure to do it before you put on your necklaces, and also that your neck is dry.
  • Try a jewelry protectant spray
  • If your jewelry have Rhinestones, they may fall off. You can actually restore them by using a Crystal Clear Spray. We do not sell them here but you can find them online and they are very affordable.
  • Use a Polishing cloth after you wear your jewelry and before you store it. This will remove any oil or perfume, dirt or residues. By keeping them clean before storing them, you prolong their longevity.

Good luck and have fun with your beautiful Jewelry!