About Us

Amazonian Girl is all about bringing the FUN girl in you!  We are inspired by women who never lose their inner GIRL, their fun side, their spark and love for life! We are not bound by age or other silly rules. In fact, here we are bound by love and women who inspire us, like YOU. Women who can be fun wherever she finds herself currently in life.

We started Amazonian Girl to share our passion for natural stones combined with materials such as Silver and Gold. We also work with gold plated materials , sterling silver, zinc alloy and others. 

Our main goal is to bring you Jewelry that you can wear daily.  Some of our pieces are going to be more exotic than others, as we like to experiment with various aspects of fashion. We are inspired by the beautiful colors from the deepest jungles in the Amazon. We bring you some of these beautifully crafted pieces to complement your outfits and make you even more beautiful than you are. Follow our blog for tips in Jewelry cleaning, fixing, everyday outfit combinations and more.