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Amazonian Girl

Ring - Vintage Amethyst Ring

Ring - Vintage Amethyst Ring

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Big Gemstone, big statement Amethyst Ring! We are in love with this ring and you will fall for it too! Gorgeous Amethyst stone, beautifully crafted in an 18K Gold Ring. Unique Ring, striking color, clear cut Amethyst gemstone. Besides all the physical attributes of this Amethyst ring, here is why you should definitely bring home to your jewelry collection this gorgeous ring today:

When it comes to Love.…Amethysts are worn by couples as a promise to keep loyalty in a relationship. 

When it comes to Power…Amethysts are believed to activate spiritual awareness and to enhance psychic abilities!

When it comes to Meditation…Amethysts have a calming effect  in people. It helps with Mindfulness!

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Product Detail:

. Size: 7

. Gemstone: Amethyst

. 18K Gold

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